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Receive interest on your savings in Kwanzas on the 5th business day after the savings is established

The Super Ágil Term Deposit offers:

Exclusivity to new features

100% guarantee of the invested capital

Interest on the fifth working day after the setting up of the savings account

Interest Rate

Interest is calculated daily on the principal invested and not withdrawn at each moment, based on a 365-day year.

Minimum initial deposit Currency 90-day rate 180-day rate
1 000 000,00 Kwanza 9,00% 11,50%

Conditions for transactions

  • No automatic renewal allowed;
  • No redemption allowed;
  • No capital increases allowed;
  • No capitalization of interest allowed.


Capital guarantee of the full amount deposited at maturity


Interest paid is subject to Capital Gains Tax at a 10% rate, through the withholding tax mechanism.

Useful documents

Super Ágil Term Deposit information sheet
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