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Received Transfers

At ATLANTICO, we ensure that the transfers received from the Business Customer are processed in the main currencies and we credit the account for the corresponding exchange value or position in foreign currency

Documentary collections - Export

We will send to the Foreign Bank, indicated by the Business Customer, the documents necessary for the withdrawal of the exported goods. The documents will be delivered against payment and accepted according to instructions defined by the Company

Documentary collections - Export

A secure way to guarantee, irrevocably, the receipt of the amount regarding the Export, against the delivery of the documents and the fulfillment of the Credit terms and conditions

Discounts abroad

ATLANTICO allows the anticipation of funds for the counter-value of the commercial transactions made with its Customers abroad. This credit has as inherent base, the value of the documents referring to the Export made and presented to the Bank for collection, extendable to Collection transactions* and Export Documentary Credits

Allowances abroad

ATLANTICO finances Exports for their counter-value. These operations are based on copies of the documents evidencing the Export made

*Since the financial and commercial documents (originals) enter the banking circuit

Note: The granting of credit is subject to risk analysis of the Customer and of the operation itself

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