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The Liquidez Prime Fund is an open-ended securities investment fund, suitable for investors with a low risk profile who are looking for alternatives to the products currently available in the market, namely term deposits, with an expected return on investment in the short and medium term.


TThe Fund is aimed at investors with a demanding risk profile who are looking for a higher return than that of the traditional term deposit, and with greater flexibility to withdraw resources, since it is an open fund and invests in a portfolio of assets with high liquidity.

What can be included in the Liquidez Prime Fund?

The Liquidez Prime Fund is a low-risk investment fund, insofar as it invests in safe assets with reduced volatility and cannot invest in shares or commodities, subordinated bonds, convertible bonds or bonds that grant the right to subscribe to shares or to acquire shares on another basis, participation bonds, or units of investment funds whose management regulations do not prohibit investment in the aforementioned assets.

The Fund is a capitalization OIC (Collective Investment Undertaking), therefore the return accumulates to the value of the investment and does not distribute income.

The Fund does not guarantee the availability of distributable results.

The Fund has no guaranteed capital.

The Fund's past returns are no guarantee of future returns.


  • Diversification of savings using an innovative alternative in the country, offering the security of being a product regulated by the Capital Market Commission and audited by one of the world's leading auditors
  • Competitive compensation in view of the low risk involved
  • Tax efficient, with no taxes for the investor in terms of capital gains
  • Daily liquidity, as it is a very attractive short-term instrument
  • Greater transparency and security in investor operations, given the direct supervision carried out by the Capital Market Commission
  • Managed by a team of professionals who seek at all times the best investment alternatives in accordance with the investment policy defined in the Management Regulation.

Tax System

The Fund's participants are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and Corporate Income Tax on income received or made available, in accordance with the tax system in force for OICs (Collective Investment Undertakings).


In 2021, the Fund was distinguished by the renowned international specialized publication Global Banking & Finance Review with the "Best Mutual Fund Angola 2021" award. The Fund was ranked the best Mutual Fund in Angola, considering its performance, and in comparison with other similar investment products available in the National Market.

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