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Individualized registration account that identifies the holders of Securities or other financial instruments recorded in the Angola Securities Central (CEVAMA)
The perfect Product to build Customer loyalty and encourage savings, in a simple and flexible way through Capital Market products

What can be included in the Custody Service?

No minimum deposit applicable

No maximum deposit applicable

Term not applicable

No maintenance fee

Exclusive for domiciliation of securities transacted or transferred to ATLANTICO


  • More Transparency

  • More diversification in investments

  • Greater Investor Protection

  • Guaranteed savings

  • Increased speed in the handling of events, coupon payment and redemption

Conditions for access and transaction

  • The custody account is opened by signing the custody account opening form and the Intermediation Agreement between ATLANTICO and the Investor Client. The execution of this agreement ensures the rights and duties between the parties, before the Capital Market Commission (CMC) and the Angola Securities Central (CEVAMA-BODIVA), responsible for the physical settlement of the acquired securities

  • The account holder and signer can operate the custody account, in orders for transferring, withdrawing, depositing, buying or selling the instruments


  • VAT on Fees

  • Capital Gains Tax applicable to interest (5% or 10% depending on the maturity of the financial instrument)

Securities settlement

  • The Custody Service is based on the safekeeping of securities from a Custody Account which is a deposit account for the investor's instruments

  • Physical settlement is the deposit of securities in the investor's custody account, as a result of financial settlement, i. e., after the payment of the transaction through the transfer of funds by Multicaixa or the execution of the securities purchase order by the Bank

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