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Service that allows you to manage from a single point the treasury of the company or financial group, irrespective of the company's geography, in a fast and effective way

What can be included in Cash Management?

Automatic and daily centralization of accounts that the Company holds with ATLANTICO and other banks

Transmission of fund transaction instructions on accounts domiciled at ATLANTICO and other foreign credit institutions

Transfers from Angola to abroad, as well as between accounts domiciled abroad

The customer can set the limits of amounts to be transacted according to the user's profiles

Monitoring of payments and funds transfers through daily bank statements (according to the specific needs of each Customer)

Note: transactions involving instructions on accounts of other banks require the acceptance of those banks

Conditions of Use

    • Service available to Business Customers with an ATLANTICO account
    • Membership requires:

-a request by the Company concerned with the IBAN identification of the accounts it wishes to associate to the service

- the membership to the SWIFT platform (the costs associated with the subscription are borne by the Company)

- that the Company's management system is capable of generating MT101 messages;

  • Formalization of the contractual conditions to the Cash Management service

Conditions for transactions

  • Receipt of bank statements (Cash Reporting)
  • Receipt of domestic and international transfer instructions


  • Receipt of domestic and international transfer instructions
  • Transfers charged per transaction, according to the individual cost of each transfer, published in the table of fees and charges in force at ATLANTICO


Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate

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