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Everything your Business needs, in a single Package

The ATLANTICO SME Package is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises seeking for product and service financial solutions in day-to-day treasury management , for payments of salaries to suppliers and taxes, flexible financing solutions, and more, allowing them to remain in the market in a sustainable way and leverage SMEs in the development of the national economy

What can be included in the ATLANTICO SME?

No Maintenance Fee on the Current Account associated with the Package

No anual fee for Multicaixa Card

Interest rate bonus on Term Deposits

No monthly operating and rental fee for two (2) POS systems

No monthly POS fees for the Online Payment Service

50% reduction in Direct Debit Service fees

50% reduction in fees for interbank transfers via Internet Banking

Access to Visa Business Credit Card (Subject to compliance with requirements, availability and macroeconomic environment)

Access to financing through pre-approved credit limit to support treasury needs (Subject to compliance with requirements, availability and macroeconomic environment)

Up to 30% commercial discounts on the purchase of products and services in ATLANTICO's partner companies, in several activity sectors such as: Health, Insurance, Legal services, Professional Training, Human Resources, Car Sales and Maintenance, Restaurants, Travel, Hotels and much more

Participation in Network events;

Monthly organization of the Customer's expenses.

Access conditions

  • Be an ATLANTICO Business Customer

  • Subscription Contract Forms and the Information Sheet duly signed;

  • Payment of the monthly fee of AOA 20 000 00;

Conditions of Use

The fees and charges foreseen in the price list apply


  • Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate, in accordance with Article 12(1)(i) of Law No. 7/19, of 24 April

  • Interest paid is subject to Capital Gains Tax at a 10% rate, through the withholding tax mechanism

  • The use of credit through bank overdrafts, in which the period of use is not determined or determinable, is subject to a 0.1% Stamp Duty on the monthly average obtained by adding the daily balance due, during the month, divided by 30;

  • The interest charged is subject to a 0.2% Stamp Duty. Fees for guarantees provided are subject to a 0.5% Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty is levied on the amount of the guarantees (except when materially ancillary), under the following terms: - Less than one year: 0.3%; - One year or more: 0.2%; - No term or term equal to or greater than five year: 0.1%.

  • Other associated expenses are subject to a 14% VAT rate

Useful documents

ATLANTICO SME Package Information Sheet
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