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Fleet + Card

A private non-banking Card that allows you to keep track of fuel expenses..

The safest payment method for your company's fleet fueling.

The Fleet + Card offers:




Exclusivity (exclusive and unique card nationwide)

How does it work?


The membership process begins at Pumangol and ends at ATLANTICO with the issue of the Fleet + Cards;


One-off or permanent recharges by transfer to Pumangol's account;


Set the card's ceiling at the discretion of the Member;


The Cards will be delivered by ATLANTICO, with your PIN, to the person responsible for fleet management;


Monthly generation of the usage report.

Conditions of...

  • The FLEET+ Card recharging is an automatic process that starts with a transfer from one Account to another made by the member.
  • The FLEET+ Card can be recharged occasionally and/or permanently according to the procedure in force in the Bank.
  • Product available exclusively to Pumangol Customers with accounts opened with ATLANTICO;
  • Membership is based on the completion and signing of the FROTA+ Card Membership Form available at Pumangol stores and ATLANTICO branches;
  • Potential Customers must open a bank account with ATLANTICO in order to use the FLEET+ Card.
  • The Member will hold one or more FLEET+ cards that will be delivered by the Bank, with its PIN, to the person responsible for fleet management. After this delivery, the Member is responsible for the use of the card;
  • Each card will identify the Member and the User of the Card or the vehicle to which it is assigned. The cards associated to the Member will share a ceiling (amount charged), and consumption rules can be defined for each card, which limit its use;
  • This means of payment is only available during the gas station's opening hours, and it is not planned to operate in self-service.


The fees and charges foreseen in the ATLANTICO price list apply.


Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate.

Useful documents

Fleet + Card information sheet
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