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Financing line to support national production, associated with the low-interest commission pricing

Commissions and charges foreseen in the price list for Credit Lines and Current Accounts apply.

Amount Term Applicable Commissions

Financing in Kwanzas up to the equivalent amount of USD 140,000, negotiable in case of need to increase the amount.

48 months

Sectors of Coverage

  • Industry support for the manufacturing sector
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Livestock and Fisheries

Acquisition Conditions

  • Companies with organized accounting, with proven turnover and with more than 3 years of activity in the Angolan market
  • Companies exporting or with export potential
  • Companies with active cash collection and TPA service
  • Companies with payment by reference service
  • Companies with at least 10 employees

Subscription and Formalization

For more information consult your Manager.


Commissions and consideration for financial services are subject to VAT at the rate of 14%.

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