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Financing to investment projects that contribute directly or indirectly to the domestic production of the 54 goods defined in PRODESI (Program to Support Production, Export Diversification and Import Substitution) or the production of basic basket goods and their derivatives (BNA NOTICE no. 10/2022)


Amount to be financed according to the project

Repayment term up to 10 years

Allows grace period to be analyzed according to each project

Allows early repayment according to contractual conditions

Negotiable guarantees

Equity: minimum 10%


  • Corporate and Cooperative customers with a minimum 6-month relationship with ATLANTICO

  • Other conditions may apply according to the credit regulations in force


  • Fees and charges provided in the price list for the Diversification Credit product

  • Credit Support Project: Interest Rate - Luibor 1 Month + Spread (to be defined)

  • BNA Notice No. 10/2022: interest: Interest rate - 7.5% p.a.

Subscription and formalization

  • Check the document checklist

  • The information contained in this document does not dispense with consulting the credit procedure in force

Useful documents

Commercial information sheet
0.53 mb
Diversification Credit (CAP) information sheet
0.07 mb
Diversification Credit information sheet (NOTICE 10/2022)
0.35 mb
Diversification Credit Cheklist (PAC, NOTICE 10/2022)
0.11 mb

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