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With you and the success of your export business in mind, ATLANTICO offers two more financial instruments to support your company's treasury needs

The ATLANTICO's Discount and Allowance abroad solution, allows exporting companies to hand over their uncollected or paid invoices to ATLANTICO to receive the respective amounts in advance

The Discount abroad is a financing associated with a documentary collection or an Export Documentary Credit, supported by original transport documents, by which ATLANTICO finances the exporter for the counter value of the exports made, or even in foreign currency

The Allowance or Advance abroad is a financing that has as support, copies of invoices and transport documents, by means of which ATLANTICO finances the exporter for the counter-value of the exports made

What can be included in the Discount and Allowance abroad?

Optimizing cash management

Anticipate export revenues

Guaranteed liquidity to meet the needs arising from your business activity

Support to honor your obligations with salaries, suppliers and tax settlements

Allows to suppress occasional cash needs

Anticipate export revenues

Possibility of simultaneously discounting several export operations with adjusted amounts and terms

Access Conditions

  • Be an Exporting Company, Customer of ATLANTICO

  • Subscription agreement and technical information sheet duly signed

Conditions of Use

Commissions and charges foreseen in the price list apply


Commissions and consideration for financial services are subject to Value Added Tax at 14% in accordance with Article 12(1) of Law no. 7/19 of 24 April;

Interest paid is subject to Capital Gains Tax at a 10% rate, through the withholding tax mechanism.

The use of credit in the form of a bank overdraft in which the period of use is not determined or determinable, is subject to Stamp Tax at the rate of 0.1% on the monthly average obtained through the sum of the outstanding balances ascertained daily during the month divided by 30.

Stamp Tax at 0.2% is added to interest charged. Commissions for guarantees provided are subject to Stamp Tax at a rate of 0.5%. Stamp Tax is levied on the value of the guarantees (except when materially accessory), under the following terms: - Term of less than one year: 0.3%; - Term of one year or more than one year: 0.2%; - No term or term of five years or more than five years: 0.1%

Other associated charges are subject to VAT at 14%.

Useful documents

Discount abroad information sheet
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Allowance abroad information sheet
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