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Specialized financial instrument useful for cross-border business.


Higher security and guaranteed receipt;

Extended payment terms to suppliers;

Assessment and mitigation of the main Risks inherent to international trade;

Allows the anticipation of funds through parallel banking operations, such as discount or allowances on the letter of credit;

Transactions based on the rules and uniform usage of the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as, by the laws of Banco Nacional de Angola.


It is a financial solution, in which the Bank undertakes to secure the obligations that cannot be fulfilled by its Customer.

Generally speaking, Guarantees are required for admission to tenders, works, lease contracts, etc.

They have different types:

  • First Demand, including Stand By Letter of Credit;

  • Surety Default Guarantees;

And different natures:

  • Directives;

  • Indirect;

  • Tendered;

  • of Deposit;

  • of Payment in Advance;

  • Payment Bond;

  • Maintenance Bond;

  • Retention Money Guarantee;

  • Payment Bond;

  • Maintenance Bond;

  • of Global Customs Clearance Bond;

  • for Collateralizing Financing;

So, Bank Guarantee can assume the following characteristics:
Can be used in lieu of Credit, collecting payments and interest;
Can be used for tax compliance;
Can be used as a hedge for goods and services operations associated with stimulating the real economy.

How it works

The Bank of your foreign Supplier forwards to ATLANTICO the documents necessary for pickup the goods imported by your Company. The documents will be delivered to you against payment, acceptance, or partial payment and acceptance of the remainder, according to the conditions determined by the Exporter


1. Beneficiary - Requests from the Issuing Party a Bank Guarantee according to the service/conditions that have been agreed upon;
2. The Issuing Party requests its Bank to contact the Beneficiary's Bank of the Residence/Geography, so that it can issue the Guarantee in favor of the Beneficiary;
3. The Issuing Party requests the Guarantor Bank, (Beneficiary's Bank) to issue the Guarantee in favor of the Beneficiary, counter-guaranteed by it;
4. The Beneficiary Bank reviews the details of the transaction, and accordingly issues the guarantee and forwards it to the Issuing Bank;
5. The Issuing Bank forwards the guarantee to the Issuing Party;
6. The Issuing Party validates the documents and forwards them to the Beneficiary;

Note: There are cases where the documents are delivered by the Beneficiary Bank directly to the Issuing Party.


If you wish to obtain information according to your needs (opening of letter of credit or verify the letter of credit status) contact us: (+244) 226 460 460 or (+244) 923 168 168

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