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Credit facility to finance the construction of real estate for housing purposes under BNA Notice No. 09/2022


According to case-by-case analysis, provided that the sale value of each property does not exceed 100 Million Kwanzas Up to 3 Years 10.00%
Amount Term Interest rate


  • Opening 1%
  • Restructuring 0.5%

Repayment terms

  • Standard repayment method
  • Unfaltering installments of principal and interest


Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate, in accordance with Article 12(1)(i) of Law No. 7/19, of 24 April.
The use of credit is taxed according to the term of the credit granted, as follows:
  • Equal to or less than 1 year: 0.5%
  • More than 1 year: 0.4%
  • 5 years or more: 0.3%
The interest charged is subject to a 0.2% Stamp Duty
Fees for guarantees provided are subject to a 0.5% Stamp Duty.
Stamp Duty is levied on the amount of the guarantees (except when materially ancillary), under the following terms:
  • Less than one year: 0.3%
  • One year or more: 0.2%
  • No term or term equal to or greater than five years: 0.1%

Useful documents

Construction Loan Information Sheet (Notice No. 9/2022)
0.33 mb
Check List Construction Loan (Notice No.9/2022)
1.06 mb

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