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Credit facility that allows the use and repayment in a current account, by crediting and debiting the current account

Minimum of AOA 50 000 6 months, renewals allowed
Amount Term

Repayment Terms

  • Monthly interest on the due date of the total credit amount

  • Allows early repayment in accordance with the conditions provided in the agreement

Acquisition Conditions

  • Customer Company with a minimum 6-month relationship with ATLANTICO

  • Other conditions may apply according to the credit regulations in force

Fees and charges

Fees and charges foreseen in the price list for Current Escrow Accounts apply

Agreement and Formalization

It does not dispense consulting the current credit procedure in force


Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate, in accordance with Article 12(1)(i) of Law No. 7/19, of 24 April
The use of credit through current account is subject to a 0.1% Stamp Duty on the monthly average obtained by adding the daily balance due, during the month, divided by 30
The interest charged is subject to a 0.2% Stamp Duty
Fees for guarantees provided are subject to a 0.5% Stamp Duty
Stamp Duty is levied on the amount of the guarantees (except when materially ancillary), under the following terms:
- Less than one year: 0.3%
- One year or more: 0.2%
- No term or term equal to or greater than five years: 0.1%

Useful documents

Current Escrow Account information sheet
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Current Escrow Account Checklist
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