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Cards: Security Measures

Learn what measures to adopt for a secure use of your card.

Security tips for safe browsing

Learn how to identify a secure website.

Attention to your e-mails

If you receive e-mail messages with attachments of dubious origin or content, do not open, forward, or reply to them.

Access to ATLANTICO Direct

Your login credentials (Username and Code) allow you access to your bank account.

What is SMS Banking?

For your safety, you should never access links contained in SMS. We remind you that ATLANTICO does not send text messages (SMS) or other electronic messages containing links.

3D Secure: Learn how it works

Secure the use of your card in an online environment with 3D secure service.

Terms and conditions

The ATLANTICO is the entity responsible for the treatment of the data shared by users on the website.

Warning: Phishing, Smishing and Vishing

Warning: Phishing, Smishing and Vishing

Phishing is an online fraud technique used to commit identity and personal finance theft that consists of sending e-mails on behalf of a supposedly trustworthy entity in order to persuade users to divulge their information.

Online Shopping: Security Recommendations

Online Shopping: Security Recommendations

Avoid disclosing information that is not essential to the purchase you are making. Be wary if you are asked for data unrelated to the purchase concerned.

Warning: Phishing, Smishing and Vishing

Moblie Devices

To protect your data and information, all banking transactions are encrypted.