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Current deposit account in kwanzas and US dollars that gives access to a range of banking services

A Global Account is ideal for you because:

Enables you to access ATLANTICO's product offering

Enables authorized overdraft access (subject to review)

Enables you to make over-the-counter cash deposits and withdrawals

Enables the sending and receiving of transfers as well as money orders

Enables you to make movements with your debit card

Meet the main benefits of the ATLANTICO Package

  • Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to your account through ATLANTICO Direct;
  • Access to ATLANTICO's network of partners with discounts of up to 30% on your daily purchases, whether of products or Services;
  • Exemption from the Multicaixa Card annual fee;
  • Exemption from the commission on intra-bank transfers at the branch;
  • Exemption from account maintenance fee;
  • 2% increase in the rate for Term Deposits in kwanzas (Except campaign Term Deposits);
  • Free requisition of 1 checkbook per year;
  • Exemption from the commissions associated with the visa card (pin duplicate and card issue abroad);
  • Reduction of - 1% in the rate of financing requests (Salary Credit, Personal Credit, Mais Salário, Leasing), made available so that, you can materialize your plans, a casual need or for any unforeseen need;
  • Inclusion of up to 2 household members, direct line (ATLANTICO Customers) free of charge to enjoy exemption on the Multicaixa debit card annual fee and intrabank transfers;
  • Free monthly receipt of the ATLANTICO Newsletter;
  • Monthly organization of Customer expenses;


Commission and consideration for financial services are subject to Value Added Tax at the rate of 14% in accordance with Art.12, nº 1 paragraph i of Law nº 7/19 of 24 April. The use of credit through bank overdrafts (even if authorized) is subject to Stamp Tax at the rate of 0.1% on the monthly average obtained through the sum of the outstanding balances calculated daily during the month divided by 30. The debit interest charged is subject to Stamp Tax at the rate of 0.2%.

Multicaixa ATLANTICO Card

Meet all the advantages of the Multicaixa ATLANTICO card

Useful documents

Fact Sheet ATLANTICO Package
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Global Account Fact Sheet
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