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What is the Access code?

It is a personal non-transferable 8-digit numeric code.

What is for?

The Username and Access code allow you to access your bank account, quickly and securely, through Internet Banking Net, Internet Banking Net Empresas, ATLANTICO Mobile, ATLANTICO Tablet and the automatic telephone service.

Where can I request the Username and the Access Code?

You can request your Username and Access code through ATLANTICO Direct (+244 923 168 168 or +244 226 460 460) or at one of the service branches located in the 18 Provinces of Angola, where your codes are delivered for the use of your ATLANTICO Direct.

Security measures

  • On public computers avoid using the homebanking service. When you have finished your session after you have checked or performed online transactions you must click on the " Exit " or " Logout " icon available for this purpose;

  • When choosing your password avoid obvious combinations such as 123456, ABCDEF, QWERTY or associated with personal and easy to obtain information such as birthdays, children's names, country or spouses. It is also important that the password you use to make transactions online is different from the password you use outside the Internet;

  • When accessing your bank accounts, through the Internet banking of Banco Millennium Atlantico, always check that the address starts with https://www.atlanticonet.atlantico.ao/ and that at the end of the address there is a padlock.

  • The transferability and/or voluntary or involuntary sharing with third parties of all or some of ATLANTICO Direct's personalized security elements is considered an act of gross negligence and resulting in losses for the Client or the Bank.

  • We recommend that you do not access ATLANTICO Direct through a third party mobile phone, this act is considered gross negligence and results in damage to the Client or the Bank. Use only your own mobile phone to access ATLANTICO Direct.